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By: Lindsay McKay


Currently, I am attending Ryerson University to complete my Bachelor of Commerce degree in Human Resources with a minor in law. At the end of my studies, I strive to obtain a position in the field of Human Resources, either in negotiations or training and development. I feel that my expertise and knowledge in sales and customer service will be an advantage over other candidates in Human Resources. Especially, understanding how individuals behave under pressure, in their work environment and learning new skills. Within the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired throughout my extensive sales experience and while obtaining my degree, I will thrive as a Human Resource professional.
About Me
My Name is Lindsay McKay and working towards my career goals for the future. I have extensive skills and knowledge in sales and proficient in the field of Human Resources to aid in my career ​advancements. Presently, I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada studying at Ryerson University for Human Resources. As a result, I aspire to become a master negotiator or training and subject matter, expert. With a total of four course left to complete my degree, I am due to receive my Bachelor of Commerce in June 2018.

Work Experience
​As for my work history, I have worked in various retail stores from Athletes World to Victoria Secret's Pink. My experience in retail is extensive within the last 11 years. Gaining various leadership, employee training, and team motivation. As well as developing those skills I am extremely detatil oriented with a high level of time management.  Within my places of employment I am an asset to the company strive for results and excellence within my position. 


 I have many aspirations, one of which is to become a master negotiator or training and development manager.  To obtain my desires, I am working towards my short term goal to achieve them.​
One Year Goal: Obtain My degree in Human Resources with a Minor in Law
Five Year Goal: Well established in the field of Human Resources
Ten Year Goal: Makeasix figure salary renowned for my expertise in the area of Human Resources

Intensions of Things About Life Blog

My goals for my blog:
  • Provide platform to express my ideas and thoughts on various topics
  • Gain awareness of the current issues in society effecting the Human Resouces field
  • Expand knowledge on current events effecting the business environment
  • Learn new ideas about fashion, travel, and family life
  • Have Fun!

Sales Tips


Things About Life:
"Everything Happens For a Reason"

January 17, 2017

January 17, 2017

​One on the first things in sales, is product knowledge. Once you know the features and benefits of a product, it will be much easier to sell. If you dont know where to start, ask a co-worker if you can shadow them or do some research. Google will be an asset to gain crucial information about a product.

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